Operating hours:


Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10h00 till 16h00
(Except 24, 25 and 31 December and Good Friday)


Le Riche is a treasure house for your skin and soul. We welcome everybody to come and experience the rich and sumptuous world of indigenous botanicals and fragrant skincare. Le Riche continues an ancient and powerful tradition of using only organic, wild-crafted ingredients and doing everything by hand.

At the Le Riche Apothecary all skin care products are formulated to support the skin’s natural glow. It is gentle, rich in anti-oxidants and therapeutically fragranced to help lift the user’s mood (mood-lifting). Every product is a powerhouse, many has multiple uses.

At the Le Riche Perfumery we formulate hand-poured perfumes using whole essential oils, natural fragrance materials and eco-friendly ingredients. There is a special focus on using indigenous Southern African fragrant plants.
At the Le Riche Academy we collaborate and share our knowledge in various workshops where you can learn to blend your own perfume and discover the rich indegenous world of South African botanical oils.

We believe in creating a more beautiful world through helping people rekindle their inner sparkle and through sourcing, formulating, and sharing the highest quality botanical treasures while supporting sustainable agriculture around the world.