Can we touch the lions?

No human interaction is allowed.

Are you halaal friendly?

Restaurants can be contacted for options.

Can we bring food and drinks onto the farm?

No food or drinks are allowed to be brought in, you can make use of one of our restaurants.

Are you wheelchair friendly?

Yes we are, and have a wheelchair available for use during your visit.

How far is the cat park from the tasting room?

About 100m.

Can you buy Vredenheim wines in retail stores?

Our wines are only available on the farm, but we can deliver anywhere in RSA.

Do you sell non alcoholic wines?

We do sell red and white grape juice made from wine grapes.

Are your animals rescued?

No they are all born in captivity and located to Vredenheim.

Can my dog visit the farm?

No, due to all the animals on the farm.

Do you have to book in advance?

Yes for game drives and restaurants.

No for small wine tasting groups, cat park visits or animal farm visits.

Do you have accomodation on the farm?

Yes please email:  guesthouse@vredenheim.co.za