Review of Restaurant Barrique

Vredenheim is home to Restaurant Barrique, an oasis of traditional cuisine in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands. Jeanine, author of blog A View From My Sippy Cup, has published this review of her family’s recent visit. 

“Once you start your own family, choosing a venue for a special occasion like Mother’s Day means you are trying to please a couple of generations at once. In my case, I was trying to keep four generations happy: Ouma, Mom, myself and Mr. Infant. We found the perfect spot on the Vredenheim Wine Farm (just outside Stellenbosch) for our little family tree to spend the afternoon.

Barrique has this lovely Moroccan undertone set in a traditional Cape Dutch backdrop. It comes completely unexpectedly, but this farm houses some wild fauna too. Mr. Infant couldn’t believe his eyes as he stood just outside the cages of white lions, leopards, cheetahs, tigers, ostriches and his favourite, moo’s.

Speaking of meal€¦Barrique truly outdoes itself in this department. After much deliberation (can’t I just have them all?),  I opted for the chicken parmegiano and this was like something Masterchef hasn’t even imagined. Chicken schnitzel topped with pizza sauce, cheese, olives and bacon and then loads of winter vegetables, salad and chips to plug the holes in the belly.

A chocolate bomb of a mudcake and nougat ice cream dessert just drips off the tongue and the Afrikaans saying of “bellies full, eyes closed” describe the rest of the Sunday afternoon’s activities.

What I really appreciate about Barrique is that the owner, Karin, personally welcomes you at the door…”

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